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Wing Girl Method PDF
I am sure you've heard the term Alpha Male before. Some men associate this expression with an animal species: the strongest and toughest monkey or lion that the others defer to and gets to eat first, and mate with the most appealing females in the tribe.

Some men have a negative view of what it means to be an Alpha Male. It means the soccer captain who used to rule the guys' school, getting the hottest women and bullying the smaller children. Or perhaps you work with an Alpha Male: a "man's man" who is bursting with self confidence, and focuses intensely on achieving his goals.

Whatever you visualize when you think about Alpha Males, the fact is that the majority of men believe that you simply're either born "Alpha," or you're destined to be a standard, average Nice Guy who has slim relationship options. The reality, though, is that all of us have an Alpha Male interior of us. So right now I want to give you several quick tips about the best way to be an Alpha Male.

The way to Become An Alpha Male, Suggestion Bringing out your Alpha Software side means that you exhibit attraction and self-confidence when you are around other guys AND girls. This is important. The bottom line is, I've seen lots of men who study "pick up" because they want to master the art of the way to become an Alpha Male.

Whenever you're hanging out in a societal environment -- like bash, pub or a cabaret -- and you see men who are having a good time and have cool, positive energy (and flirting with the girls) -- present yourself to them. Walk up to the coolest-looking dude in the room and tell him, "Bro, I am impressed. The girls into you, what is your secret?" Chances are, this man will be friendly towards you and he will gladly share some wisdom. Now you've added your social network and wingman and a powerful friend.

These men will encourage you to bars, parties, etc. that you did not know about. They may even know hot girls they desire to introduce you to. And when you are hanging out with your Alpha buddies in societal surroundings, you automatically have social proof in the women's eyes. When girls see you hanging with these men, it demonstrates that you have high societal worth.

You may need if the men you generally go out with don't have a healthy amount of energy and trust to start spending your free time with some new wingmen.

The best way to Become An Alpha Male, Next Hint: The next piece of guidance on being an Alpha Male is that you have to stop being wishy-washy, and be critical instead. Lay out a path for girls to follow, and they will respect you for it. This may sound a little bit chauvenistic, but it's the truth. She really does not wish to have to decide which film to go see, or where to have dinner are truly making her a bit uneasy when you reveal indecisive behavior. Girls need to feel that their guy is emotionally powerful and capable to supply security and protection.

You make decisions, and need to step up, take control. Even Supposing it's as mild as determining where to go for coffee or dinner. She might not always agree, but she will respect how you've got a definite view.

The feeble move is saying to a woman, "So if you're not active sometime, maybe we could meet up and do something..."
ALPHA MOVE: "So what is your favorite funny movie ever? I'll let it and we can see it at my spot on Friday night, while you sample some of my cooking." The girls know about this great restaurant that is a hidden jewel, and I'd like to show you it.

The way to Become An Alpha Male, Suggestion #3: Leave the girls wanting more. The top Alpha Males - whether it's a Hollywood star, or a business mogul - are really active individuals. They just are not going to give endless numbers of time to you. YOU want to be a phone call to set up a date, or the one ending the dialog first, whether it is a dialog at a bar.

The routine dude will keep discussing and babbling until the woman finally says, "I need to go find my buddy" or "it's was nice speaking to you, but I need to get going..." You should always have a game plan in mind when you converse with a woman, and achieve that goal before the dialogue ends. The objective could maybe be to get email address and the woman's number, when you're hanging out at a bar. If you are ringing her telephone, the goal could be to determine when you're going to see her next. In essence, you have got to have a plan, a series of steps in your mind, and a method to do it.
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