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Guys, I need to shift your life with women. This post can help, if you desire more out of your interactions with girls.

Actually, I have this enormous feeling that you're making this whole matter way more challenging than it needs to be. Yes there is some science behind this, but that science doesn't need to be the first thing on your head. You should read this advice and let it sit in the rear of your brain.

The truth is I Have spent the last 10 years examining what turns women on. Why did I do this? Since I was not successful with girls.

I was a bright enough man, but something about the manner that I socialized with them was not cutting it. Being a smart guy, I needed to figure out some of the science and the motives that women are naturally attracted to certain guys.

The results were very surprising. I proved if he just followed a few simple bits of advice that nearly any man could have super hot women. Are you prepared for this advice?

The first piece of advice, and the one that I discovered so stunning, is only how much women want to laugh. The more funny a man is the quicker he can pick up a woman. Humor is the number one key factor to seducing women. But why is this?

The reason is twofold. The first reason is that wit sets a comfort level up. This comfort level makes a girl feel considerably more at ease when contemplating taking a guy dwelling. And for a woman, sleeping with a man is about comfort.

Girls get bored easily, but a man that can get them laugh not only reveals hints of intelligence, which is not bad for mating, but that she will be endlessly amused. That's a tremendous turn on for girls.

The second piece of advice I can give you might seem a little shallow, but in truth it impacts every area of your life, including your relationships and your work. What am I talking about?

Your wardrobe. If your wardrobe consists of 10 dirty old T shirts it is time to consider an upgrade.

The good news is it does not have to be that expensive to upgrade your wardrobe. There are some excellent articles on the Internet about matching and mixing your wardrobe to supply the most blends for the least price.

But this part is crucial. If you have ever seen an overweight man wearing the heck out of a suit, you understand just how much the difference can be made by your wardrobe.

Small touches such as your shoes or nice watch will really set things off. So take the time to really work on upgrading your look. It's going to make a difference in every facet of your life, particularly with the women.

The last piece of advice is one that's likely more important than the others, so please pay attention. Frequently times in the seduction community you frequently hear reference to what's called "Internal game".

Internal game is what I like to refer to as self confidence. Self confidence is the number one thing that you need if you want more women.

You see, a girl does not need a man that doesn't believe in himself. You have to believe in yourself. You can not fake it because girls will see right through this.

You have to become the alpha male that gets girls. Every guy has this alpha male side within him, you merely need to tap into it and bring it outside.

Getting the self confidence is a skill that's completely learnable. It can be made.

But it is about believing in who you are.
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